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What we do

The innovative objective of CRAFT project is to leverage on a number of real and perceived advantages which may attract people to live in/stay in EU rural areas. Thus, promoting entrepreneurship among young people in EU rural areas by providing them the fundamentals to setup – within reconverted empty spaces – collaborative working environments, which will be hinged on some of the key trends affecting the future labour market.

The core idea is to make those coworking spots act as future skills’ propulsor engines rather than as aseptic work hangouts, around 3 sectors which are crucial towards the pursuit of the European smart, sustainable and inclusive development:

  • personal care and health-related jobs and services;
  • green economy;
  • science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics STE(A)M.

CRAFT objectives are:

  • to promote employment and entrepreneurship in EU rural areas by increasing young people capabilities to reconvert empty spaces so to host collaborative working environments, exploiting the substantial potential offered by trends outlined in the jobs and skills future market;
  • to promote youth skills and competencies for the development of co-working spaces focused on the above mentioned 3 specific areas;
  • to foster youth ability and autonomy to operate at transnational level for developing joint concrete projects, in line with the Erasmus+ Programme main features;
  • to strengthen a digital mindset among youngsters to effectively tackle the European Skills Deal post-2020 (CEDEFOP, WEF, OECD);
  • to empower youth through the setup of win-win networks involving relevant socio-economic actors as policy change-makers;
  • to improve career guidance services through specific recommendations

How to do it

We will first train young people on how to setup and manage future-looking coworking places in rural areas via a compelling Training program of 3 Modules. In addition, we will create the related educational game scenarios (see more here)


The trained young people will implement the educational game scenarios in the CRAFT 3D Virtual World platform in a form of missions resulting in improving their co-working and jobs’ competences so as to be prepared for the requirement of the future labor market (see more here)

CRAFT’s target groups are:

  • young people (18-25) from European rural territories involved in the project;
  • mentors, counsellors, co-working managers, who will be involved in some project activities and will see an enhanced possibility to offer future-tailored career guidance services.

CRAFT origins

CRAFT fundamental idea based on two successfully implemented ERASMUS+ projects:

Youth Re-Working Rural project (