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CRAFT training material

Module 1: Career Skills for the Future:

In this training module you will learn about:

  • How technology, social and environmental factors shape the labor market; 
  • How will the world of work look in the future;
  • What type of jobs will emerge and be on the rise; and
  • What kind of skills will these jobs demand.
  • A special focus is given on STEAM, green and social care jobs.

Module 2: Entrepreneurship skills

This module will help to learn about:

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial mindset (skills development)
  • Sources of new ideas
  • Entrepreneurship in rural areas
  • Globalization and digitalization (COVID update)
  • What is a business model (different views)
  • Canvas Business Model Template

Module 3: Managing co-working spaces in rural areas

This Module will help you:

  • To learn why and how-to setup and manage a co-working space in European rural areas
  • To learn how to involve co-workers and motivate them
  • To get familiar with the skills and responsibilities of a Community manager
  • To understand the importance of promoting the space and its consistency with the coworking Vision
  • To be able to get the most in terms of benefits and challenges of such hubs in rural areas from relevant case studies, good practices and lessons learned