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CRAFT VW Platform

CRAFT 3D Virtual world transfers players into a futuristic environment- the Green Village – and creates a unique immersing experience, combining emotional and social learning. Players use their avatar to move, interact and overcome various challenges.

CRAFT virtual game consists of 7 adventure missions, which apply elements from the eсcape rooms and help young people test their gained knowledge from the CRAFT modules.

Those are the missions that players will have to complete:

Mission 1Coworking in rural areas Related to Module 1
Mission 2Do’s and Don’ts of CoworkingRelated to Module 1
Mission 3The coworking space essentials Related to Module 1
Mission 4Skills of the Community Manager in the rural areasRelated to Module 2
Mission 5Business opportunities in the rural areasRelated to Module 2
Mission 6Trends of the Future (relating to the labor market)Related to Module 3
Mission 7Future jobs and skillsRelated to Module 3

Are you ready to visit the Green Village?

A video with the basic installation instructions can be seen here


You must perform simple 4 steps:

  1. Download and read the manual
  2. Install Firestorm Viewer according to the manual instructions and video. You can download firestorm viewer from here.
  3. Configure Firestorm Viewer by following the instructions on the video or manual and by copying and pasting the following link into the application:

  • Create your avatar and login to the virtual world.

Below you can find the most FAQ. Have a look:

Q1: I am facing technical difficulties with Firestorm. What can I do?

We will refer anyone that is experiencing technical problems with the viewer to read the common problems related to Firestorm:


Q2: My avatar appears like a cloud. What can I do?

This is a common problem in some system configurations that can be related to many things (slow connection, etc.). A simple workaround solution is to exit and re-enter the virtual world. If the problem persists you can follow the previous link (Q1) for a solution targeted to your specific cause of the problem. In any case you can continue to play the mission even if your avatar appearance hasn’t loaded and it is in the form of a cloud

Q3: How can I enable WASD control?

you can easily enable them in Firestorm setting by following the steps that are provided in the manual.

(Avatar->Preferences->Move & View->Movement->Tick the “Pressing letter keys affects movement” option)

Q4: I have a macOS, and I am having difficulty installing Firestorm, what can I do?

The latest versions of macOS have changed the procedure of installing software by sources outside the app store. This results in a lengthier install procedure compared to the windows operating system. To allow Firestorm viewer to be installed on your system, follow the instruction provided by Apple on the following link:


We love to hear your impressions from CRAFT project. Please devote some minutes and filled this short questionnaire