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Who we are

Czestochowa Small Business Development Association- CSRMP – Poland

Czestochowa Small Business Development Association was founded in 1996. We have 36 active members now and more than 1000 people trained and educated during the last 6 years.

It is a local and regional association which mainly works on rural development based on human development. It organizes: training; workshops; conferences; seminars; international youth exchanges; youth initiatives. Scope of its activities is real wide and it depends on local communities’ needs. It has experience in organizing projects in the framework of Human Capital Programme (European Social Funds, more than 60 projects since 2008), Youth in Action Programme (more than 25 projects for youth) and also projects supported by Ministries and local authorities. It has also experience in strategic partnership projects under life-long learning and KA2 Erasmus+ in the field of youth and adult. It provides training, workshops about entrepreneurship mostly to young people from rural areas and low-rated loans for start-ups.

STEP Institute, Institute for Work Psychology and Entrepreneurship- Slovenia

STEP Institute, is a non-profit organization passionate about people development. Their mission is to empower people for better functioning in the work environment. They help people to discover and nurture their talents, brushing soft skills and realizing their entrepreneurial ideas into practice. By offering interactive workshops, generating creative learning material, supporting coaching, and inspiring career guidance they aim to increase employability, empower people for entrepreneurship, and foster personal and professional development.


CIAPE is the Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, a non profit private organisation. It exists as an Association of Learners to promote the development of a learning society through the provision of a quality and comprehensive system of adult learning and education which is accessible to and inclusive of all. CIAPE is the transnational coordinator of the “Quality Apprenticeships European Network”, a network involving businesses and VET organisations from 20 different countries in a European Network for the certification of learning outcomes deriving from apprenticeships experiences. CIAPE is a member of the CEDEFOP “European Qualifications Framework – Credit Transfer In VET” and of the “Quality Assurance in VET” communities. CIAPE implements research and training activities aimed at the development and validation of transversal skills as well as of the new skills required by the labour market.


Business Foundation for Education (BFE) – Bulgaria

BFE is a private non-government organisation, which has gained recognition as a leader in lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria. Since 2005 BFE has trained more than 1000 career guidance practitioners, established more than 100 career centers and developed innovative online tools and training methodologies for career guidance. BFE is actively involved in national and European projects which promote the employability, competitiveness and inclusion of citizens of all ages.

Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus“ (CTI) – Greece

CTI is a Greek non-profit public research and technology organization, established in 1985, and supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning and Religious Affairs. CTI is coordinator of the Greek school network. It is responsible for the design and implementation of ICT policies in the Greek Education system and for the VET of teachers in the field of Digital Literacy. CTI has vast experience in creating educational learning scenarios in interactive and expandable 3D virtual worlds aiming at supporting distance and experiential learning.

Kunnskapstrening IT (KIT)- Norway

Kunnskapstrening IT (KIT) is a not for profit company, developed by the former company KIT works with training of (mostly) young people through new and innovative system thinking methods. As one is using ICT in all processes, the talents (students) are participating from all over Norway. Kunnskapstrening IT is facilitating talents in cooperation with local and regional companies and higher education institutions. Talents are mostly joining as out of work persons, ending up with jobs or further studies. Several of the talents want to establish their own companies. A new program supported by the regional bank (Sparebanken Nord-Norge) in Northern Norway is “Digital Talents”, where we are going to establish local “Workflooow “ units where the connection and relations between needs of local companies, competence building and entrepreneurship will be integrated. As a beginning “Workflooow” locations will be established in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

KIT has 6 employed people. Between 60 to 100 talents are joining the yearly program.

DESA – Dubrovnik, Regional Center for Community Building and Civil Society Development – Croatia

DESA is a non-governmental organization that has been operating in Dubrovnik since 1991, promoting the role of women and youth in community development through its numerous development projects and programs. DESA nowadays continues activities in the sphere of its initial undertakings, carrying out projects and programs, which promote the role of women and youth in community development. Projects implemented by DEŠA have always been aimed at reduction of unemployment and social exclusion, enhancement of responsibility and awareness for the preservation of national heritage, environment and natural resources, as well as promotion of youth in education, training and the labour market.